07 September 2015

Staircases are generally relegated to the homes of the elite, and they’ve always been a trade mark of wealth and status, since before the Industrial Period. However, aside from being employed for the sake of show, staircases also play a very integral role in the overall structure and functionality of a house. In cases where houses are two to three stories high, staircases are a definite must have item – especially stable, well-made and hardy ones.

Timber Open Staircases Allow more Space in the Home

Because most homeowners prefer additional space at home, opting for two to three-stories of additional flooring in their homes, staircases installed in ways that provide for more space for everything you possess. In this respect, staircases will then be integral to the overall ease and safety of your home. While there are innumerable materials that can be employed in making staircases, timber still remains the most ideal material for that purpose to this very day.

Unlike other alternatives like steel, iron, or even-tempered glass, timber exudes warmth and a timeless beauty that only improves with age. Timber also produces a distinctly recognisable sound that is both comforting and homely. Its solid nature hearkens back to a time when things were built to endure. Its earthy colour and beautiful contrast with its innate grain patterns, and the polish or stain truly adds a touch of the classical to any setting.

A Timber Staircase – Why it is the Best Choice for Your Home

Most people hesitate when investing in timber staircases because of the belief that it is either too expensive, too high-maintenance, or just too difficult to install. Contrary to these beliefs, timber staircases, especially varieties called an open staircase, are easily installed, affordable, and extremely durable. One of the most ideal options for modern homes, the open staircase, has the additional benefit of not needing a balustrade, which makes for a marginally cheaper and decidedly easier-to-install fixture than most other staircase options.

While some people may argue that open staircases may not be the safest option available, one should always consider the basic pros and cons of any home-improvement decision prior to installation. While open stairs are not the best choice for people with very small children, it is an ideal way to beautify a summer home or a vacation loft.

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