08 December 2016

Even though a staircase is a functional element in your modern house since it helps you traverse from floor to floor, you should still spend time and effort selecting the best staircase design for it. You need to remember that it must complement the rest of your decor on top of being easy to climb up and descend down for young and old alike. We understand that design decision for this element may be an overwhelming one for you. For this reason, we offer you a list of staircase ideas below to lessen the stress of choosing the one that fits your unique home.

Floating Treads

One design option for modern staircases is the floating treads or treads that appear to float. You can accomplish this one of two ways, namely attach the treads to the wall and the stringer on the other side or have centre risers at the back of the treads instead of across the front. Both ways produce an open, airy effect with the staircase.

Stainless Steel Bars and Handrails

Two accessories for staircases that are highly modern in design are the stainless steel bars and handrails. While the handrails assist you in descending and ascending the stairs, the bars adorn the side or sides of the staircases. This metal is a high performer and offers a special colour and sheen to the rest of your staircase design.

Mix Finishes on the Staircase

Instead of applying the same finish to the entire staircase, mix paint and stain together to add dimension to your overall design scheme. For example, paint the risers white while you stain the treads with a clear or tinted stain to allow the wood grain to show through on the treads.

Glass Balustrades

Another feature that is highly modern on staircases is the installation of glass balustrades on the stringer or stringers of them. These are transparent in nature and open up the staircase to provide an illusion of space. In addition, the light bounces off the glass in an eye-pleasing way.

Customise Your Staircase in a Personal, Creative Manner

Use the above ideas or add your own unique spin on a modern-style staircase. When you do this, your stairs will broadcast your specific preferences.

For further guidance on this topic, consult with Planet Stairs at your earliest convenience. We are experts in bringing timber staircase design ideas to fruition for modern and other styles of homes. On top of this, our company offers a wide assortment of timber and other elements to include in your staircase.

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