10 February 2017

An ideal outdoor or balcony staircase design is a practical, but aesthetically appealing extension that suits and complements the overall style of your home. While providing a convenient, safe and secure entrance and exit for your elevated terrace, deck, balcony or outdoor entertainment gardens, an artfully designed exterior staircase adds a definite creative statement to your home’s outdoor living spaces. Made of beautiful natural timber with wood-crafted, stainless steel, wrought iron or wire handrails, outdoor staircases skillfully crafted in popular Australian timber such as Victorian Ash, Spotted gum or Jarrah adorn and add value to any attractive home’s exterior.

Top-Rated Staircase Design Concepts for Exterior Home Spaces

Whether you want the ultimate staircase design for your upstairs balcony, elevated deck or open-air recessed entertainment room near your outdoor pool, always look for the finest quality design concept to enhance your favorite outside living areas. The best out-of-doors staircase designs available include the following qualities and features:

  • Innovative and Creative Stylistic Aspects. – These stairway features decorate your home’s exterior living spaces while fulfilling the purpose of providing a functional entranceway to an elevated or lower-level outside balcony, patio or deck.
  • Attractive and Sturdy Construction. – Ideal exterior stair designs for your home are constructed from materials that are durable yet beautiful, like strong, appealing ash or oak timber and long-enduring wrought iron or stainless steel.
  • Stylistic Alignment with Your Home. – Your home’s balconies, decks or porches must be reachable by inviting staircases that exhibit features of the same design style as that of your home. When creatively planned, the best outdoor stairways introduce you to the overall design of the outdoor living spaces that they lead you to. In the same way, they prolong your enjoyment of a space’s overall design as you leave it.
  • High Degrees of Safety and Security for Regular Use. – Especially if your home’s outside staircase is long or winding, it needs to offer high levels of safety and security for all users. If the elegant, polished oak staircase to your home’s upper balcony is a handsome balustrade design with open-backed timber steps, you may want to add an attractive and protective lattice-style backing to ensure that your family, friends and guests will safely enter and exit your charming outdoor entertainment spaces.

When your home property offers inviting areas of restful, scenic beauty in which you and your guests can enjoy true relaxation and leisure time, you want to have multi-level spaces of enchantment. These charming, alluring living spaces will all require attractive, functional outdoor stairs for access. To benefit from the experience and skill of the best exterior stairway designers in Melbourne, engage the quality services and expertise of the designers at Planet Stairs. They will create the favorite stairway to the stars of your dreams today.

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