16 July 2018

Staircases are an elegant thing to behold, especially if they are constructed in such a manner that they become more than just practical structures. In most affluent houses of old, this was typically done through the selection of choice woods, which would either be carved or ornamented, and later polished to a majestic sheen.

Even gaudier examples employed artisanal stonework for railings and balustrades, until both stone and wood gave way to ornate metalwork. Sadly, the practice of creating bespoke staircases became a lost art during the aftermath of the Second World War. Thankfully, even though the practice of hand-crafting balustrades and railings died out, their aesthetics endured to the present day.

With the rise of mass production came many benefits – one of them being the greater availability of pre-made balustrades and stair railings. But in the world of pre-fab, it can be very difficult to have a staircase that looks ‘original’, especially since most designs sold in home depots are basic standard ones.

If you’re looking for a way to have a unique staircase, one that will stand out as an excellent way to impress guests, then consider combing different materials to achieve a unique effect. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Stone and metal – Stone railings and balustrades have been a common aesthetic since olden days, but what truly sets them apart and gives them an added air of sophistication is the addition of metal strips. Whether you’re using metal as a border for railings, or as an accent for balustrades, this combination, although pricey, will be sure to impress anyone.
  • Wood and metal – a tried-and-tested aesthetic combination since the Victorian Era, you can easily upgrade your pre-fab wood balustrades and railings by accenting it with metal. Alternately, you can accentuate your metal staircases with wooden balustrades or railings, for a stylish, unconventional, but classy effect.
  • Glass and metal – something ultra-modern and originally unheard of, glass and metal combinations are now some of the most elegant ways to jazz up your staircases. Thanks to the invention of shatterproof and impact-resistant glass, you can now have a lovely staircase made out of metal and glass, in any variant of the combination. While pricey, they more than make up for it in their uniqueness and eye-catching appeal.

If you are considering any of these combinations, or something that falls under the more ‘conventional’ of choices, then we can help you here at Planet Stairs – the number one resource for all pre-fab and custom-made staircase needs.

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