29 July 2016

When it is time to decide on the type of staircase to install in your house, you need to consider the merits of an antique style spiral timber staircase. Not only will this staircase save space when necessary, it also imparts a sense of elegance to the house. You can adjust the tone of the wooden elements to match your home’s decor and add personalised touches through the handrail and balustrade choices that you decide upon to accompany the timber sections. While you may think that these staircases are out of date for today’s modern homes, nothing could be further from the truth.

Personalise the Dimensions to Fit Your Needs

You can personalise the overall dimensions of this style of staircase to fit your specific requirements. Whether you require a narrow, one-storey one or a wide, multi-storey one, both are possible with almost limitless options in between these two examples.

Vary the Materials in a Spiral Staircase

While you can select the construction of this staircase to be primarily of timber, you can mix in other materials to enhance the wooden elements in a desirable manner. For example, you can select to have the treads and risers in timber, but you might add stainless steel handrails and balustrades. Another example is to mix different types of timber together for a unique appearance since each type of wood provides its own grain patterns that show through the stain.

The Degree of Curvature of the Staircase Is Customisable

Another customisable feature is the degree of the curvature of the staircase. If space is an issue, keep the curve of this functional element as tight as possible while still leaving adequate space for a person to traverse up and down it smoothly. When there is no need to conserve space, design this style of staircase with a gradual curve.

An Antique Style Spiral Timber Staircase Complements a Variety of Home Styles

You may think that an antique-style, spiral wooden staircase will complement only a traditional or formal style of house, but it also can enhance a contemporary, modern, country or rustic home when it contains the right elements and finishes. As a result, home designers and contractors still value spiral staircases as attractive and functional decor elements in homes.

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