03 November 2016

When selecting staircase plans for your home, the antique and vintage style stairs may suit your decor in an ideal manner. Stairs that fit into either one of these categories capture the look of a bygone era. You select the time period that appeals to your preference and fits your house design. A staircase is an important focal point for the area of the house that it is in, and you should give a great deal of thought to the style of it before you choose the right type for you. Below, you will discover additional information about this topic to assist you in your decision.

Spindles and Newel Posts May Contain Intricate Designs

Newel posts or spindles on the stair railings may contain intricate designs when they fit into the category of vintage or antique in style, but they also can be plain in nature. Even though these elements look as if they do not belong to our present time period, today’s joinery experts utilise modern techniques and tools to create them with new and fresh materials and finishes.

A Wide Assortment of Stair Designs Are Available for Consideration

Designs for stairs of this nature come in a wide assortment of styles that include such ones as spiral types, freestanding straight and winding models, and wall-hugging ones. The one that you select will depend in part of the available space in the room. Spiral ones require the least floor area, while freestanding styles need the most floor space.

Various Types of Timber Enhance These Stairs

In Australia, popular timbers for creating these staircases include Victorian Ash, Spotted Gum, Tasmanian Oak, Jarrah, Mirboo and Blackbutt and are ideal for staining and polishing while other types of hardwood, pine and MDF also are suitable when you are carpeting or painting the stairs. Which type you select will depend on the results that you wish to achieve with your staircases on the risers, railings and other elements. Of course, these stairs also may include other materials besides timber.

Wrought Iron May Be a Prime Element in Stairs of a Style That Is Inspired by a Bygone Age

You may select staircases in the antique or vintage style that contain risers of timber while their railings are of wrought iron. Select from twist, square or round bars to create the effect that you desire for this style of stairs. Typically, this style complements traditional and formal, but it can enhance other decor styles such as eclectic, country, rustic and contemporary.

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