22 May 2015

Wrought-iron railings are a veritable classic feature commonly found in many older homes, residential buildings and period structures. There is an undeniable old-world charm to wrought-iron that persists today. Whether it’s due to the ornateness that can be had with well-made wrought-iron works, or because of the undeniable beauty of iron’s dark, layered patina, a wrought-iron staircase railing undoubtedly possesses a unique and rustic charm that smacks of true elegance.

Locations for Wrought-Iron Staircase Railing

Wrought-iron staircases and railings are common used for outdoor patios and as well as for indoor staircases. Most wrought-iron works are generally commission-only pieces that are custom-made to fit the specifications of a particular location, defined by the owner. In some cases, wrought-iron railing pieces are derived from pig iron and are generally left untreated or bare, although some wrought-iron pieces may be covered in a type of coating that prevents it from developing rust.

In most cases, even untreated or bare wrought iron develops patina overtime – a thin layer of rust that accumulates and later protects the entire piece from rusting thoroughly. This patina is what allows wrought-iron to resist corrosion even when fully exposed to the elements. This patina or coating of natural rust is also what gives pure wrought-iron pieces its characteristic blackened hue with subtle lowlights of red, which is visible under certain lighting conditions.

Popularity of Wrought-Iron Railing and Timber Staircases

One of the reasons why wrought-iron staircase railings are becoming popularly used with timber staircases today is because it is extremely durable, and it requires very little maintenance or cleaning. This is again due to the accumulated surface patina, which acts as its own natural ‘sealant’, protecting the wrought-iron railing from oxidation and water damage. While authentic wrought-iron pieces were initially made from pig iron, most wrought-iron staircase railing that is available today are made from untreated rebar steel.

These are made into the desired shapes and designs through welding and bending, with the assistance of heat. Some rare wrought-iron railing pieces may still be made of authentic pig iron, although this is no longer as commonplace as, say, during the Victorian era. Wrought-iron railing and other such effects made from the material are perfect for all outdoor uses, thanks to its long-lived and extremely durable nature. A general rule for all wrought-iron pieces is that it becomes more beautiful the older it gets.

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