30 April 2015

When it comes to hiring local for your staircase building or remodelling needs there is no place like Planet Stairs to get the job done. These are friendly professionals who will go above and beyond to make sure everything is absolutely perfect.

They have local resources and relationships to back them, and you have tangible references to educate yourself on the level of performance that you can expect. This is also a great way to support your local businesses and their revenue. So, when you hire local you are looking out for your local economy as well as giving yourself the upper hand in making sure that you are getting the services that you expect. There is a higher level of accountability in local companies, so you know that you are dealing with people that you can trust.

Another great thing about hiring local is that you never have to question the products, tools and materials being used or the qualifications of the tradesmen working on your staircase. Everything is always made local, and it is going to be of the highest integrity. All of the men and women working at Planet Stairs are highly qualified.

The business is insured and bonded, and you have easier access to customer service as well as the people working on your project. This is a more hands on way to be involved as little or as much as you would like. You get real time updates and there are never any surprises. You know what the charges are based on a plan derived from your dreams and your budget. The amazing project managers will make sure that everything goes accordingly and they are your “eyes on the ground” so to speak.

These amazing, courteous, educated and highly trained professionals can implement any job large or small, residential or industrial, indoor or outdoor without a problem. Planet Stairs is a highly reputable local company that has plenty of evidence to back their claims of being the best in the region. While they specialise in timber stair casing there are other materials available as well. They offer amazing designs from modern to contemporary and their prices cannot be beat considering the level of service provided. They will help you with any questions that you have, planning, budgeting and more.

If you are considering installing a new staircase or renovating an old one then give Planet Stairs a call today.

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