11 February 2016

It is easy to be in awe when observing a stunning balustrade structure. The architecture alone makes a room look and feel exquisite. From the quality of timber to intricate designs, balustrades add lush and impressive architecture to your home or office. And since a new staircase is oftentimes the main vocal point, choosing the best balustrade is imperative.

Trying to choose the perfect balustrade system can be a bit overwhelming. In fact, the best balustrade will have a huge impact on aesthetics, safety and overall value of your home or office. However, decision making can be made much easier with a few tips.

Timber Types

The type of timber you select is very important. Not only do you want the timber to match your d├ęcor but you want timber that is durable and affordable. And when it comes to services, you want a company that can offer a wide variety of timber types. At Planter stairs, they offer a wide range of quality timber to suit your needs such as Victorian Ash, Spotted Gum, Tasmanian Oak, Mirboo, Blackbutt, Jarrah and affordable Pine.


When it comes to a balustrade system, there are numerous styles to choose from. Truthfully, balustrade styles come in many categories and practically unlimited designs. While there are countless variations, the two basic materials are wood and metal.

Wood balustrades are the most common because they add warmth and value. The wood balustrade includes many categories such as Contemporary, Rustic, Craftsman, Traditional and Curved Geometric. You can also have your new staircase custom designed to fit your architectural needs.

Metal balustrades also have their advantages. These balustrades add a more contemporary look plus have durability, strength and ease of maintenance. Other benefits include affordability, non-porous surface for superior hygiene and affordable options.


Generally, handrails are added as a safety feature. Unfortunately, the handrails aesthetic appeal oftentimes takes the backseat. However, many designers will agree that the aesthetics of the handrails are just as important as the new staircase.

Although a simple feature, the handrails have their own unique benefits and selling-points. Some of the many options include material like timber and stainless steel. There are also different features like the nosing, bullnose and posts, all of which are important. The nosing improves the look of the stairs and makes them safer. The bullnose is the bottom step of the staircase and makes the first and lasting impression. Posts tie everything together and give a complete look to the staircase.

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