4 Tips on How to Successfully Incorporate Open Riser Stairs Into Your Property

10 October 2022

Open riser staircases provide unobstructed views between steps. It is especially suitable for your home or workplace if you want to add a touch of a sleek, modern style to your property or match the current design of your staircase. This addition allows you to let in natural light, resulting in a functional, open, airy, and well-lit environment.

The adaptability of open riser stairs makes them an excellent choice. It provides a wide range of design alternatives from which to choose to fit your interiors or exteriors. Regardless of the design of the staircase in your home or workplace, these stairs will undoubtedly appear attractive.

Planet Stairs is a reputable custom staircase specialist. We not only sell steel and stainless steel stairs and other items, but we also offer various services to help you improve your house’s aesthetic appeal and function. In this article, we’ll go over three of the most incredible ways to incorporate open riser stairs into your home:

Match it With Your Property’s Contemporary Design

A modern open riser staircase will likely complement the contemporary design of your apartment complex, home, or place of work. Pair an open riser with a glass railing to increase the airiness and natural lighting in your living or working space.

Incorporate Solid and Open Features

Installing a floating steel staircase into your home will add sophistication to your luxury residence. This style of stair works well for residences or stores with open concept areas since it allows you to maximise any available space. Add wrought iron railings to your floating open riser staircase for a modern and elegant design.

Consider a Mono Stringer Staircase with Steel Cables 

You can never go wrong with a mono stringer staircase if you want to create a contemporary high-end, efficiently, and minimalist aesthetic for your residential or business property. You can complement this stair with wood, glass, or metal, as desired. When accented with steel wires, you will have a beautiful and space-saving staircase.

Make Your Open Riser Staircase Safer

When installing an open riser staircase in your home or business, you must follow all safety laws and regulations to ensure its safety. You must also provide adequate spacing between treads by reducing open space with steel or adjusting the nosing dimensions.

Aside from adhering to safety laws and implementing safety procedures, you must work with a reputable staircase manufacturer like Planet Stairs. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, you can be confident that your open riser staircase will be both aesthetically beautiful and secure.

Staircases serve more than one use in any room. They can also improve the aesthetic attractiveness of your house or business if you match them to your property’s general appearance and feel. An open riser staircase is the greatest alternative if you want a modern and beautiful yet secure staircase.

We are the team to contact if you need a trusted stairs specialist in Melbourne. We provide high-quality stairs, balustrading, railings, and other services! Feel free to reach us through our channels or fill out and submit your requests via our Enquiry Form.

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