4 Staircase Design Ideas for Small Houses

08 November 2022

According to a well-known architect, “People now want simplification of spaces, but without compromise to their quality of life.” Small homes are the new trend in modern design. It indicates that the saying “larger is better” is no longer applicable and that the emphasis should be placed on creating efficient living spaces instead. Modern builders today focus on designing big but building small, so homeowners choose to live modestly to save money on utilities like energy and water.

However, owners of small homes occasionally struggle to choose a design that works, particularly when combining staircase ideas, because there may not be enough room. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a lovely staircase to your tiny house – it is doable. Planet Stairs will share with you the following staircase design ideas you can consider:

Corner or Narrow Stairs

The ideal solution may be a corner or a tiny staircase, depending on how the property is laid up. You will have enough room once you construct the staircase in your home’s corner to add furniture or other home furnishings. Put a study table or bookcases beneath the stairs to make the most of the space there, as it is small and practically concealed on one side of the house.

Spiral Staircase

Small residences with loft-style rooms or additional floors can have a floor size of 600 square feet or more. In these situations, a spiral staircase can be the ideal option because it is excellent for saving space. In addition, the raw materials used to make one can be either steel or wood, with or without a railing.

Double Box Step Stairs

This staircase’s layout works well when connecting the home to an outdoor patio or mezzanine levels. Yes, these areas of the house may be found in even small houses as long as you know how to make the most of the available space. The bottom and second stairs can be constructed larger than the other three levels to accommodate modest furniture or to function as a storage area for your shoes and house tools. Double Box Step Stairs conserve space by doubling as a storage area or an additional room for accessories or furniture.

Non-structured Ladder

This style of staircase is ideal for tiny loft flats or off-the-grid homes. It is mounted on the wall with a few steps so that you can ascend to the loft where the bed or a study is, it will also save you room and materials.

These different staircase designs can all be constructed from high-quality timber or repurposed raw materials. Additionally, with the help of professional timber stairs installers in Melbourne, like our team at Planet Stairs, we’ll work side-by-side with you and discuss everything from design to work timeline to ensure durability and proper delivery.

We are equipped with a team of professionals with the experience and expertise to bring you the utmost aesthetics and value of stairs. Feel free to reach us through our channels or fill out and submit your requests via our Enquiry Form.

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