3 Stair Design Ideas That You Will Love This Summer

01 December 2022

For the benefit of our customers, Planet Stairs is constantly looking for the newest interior and exterior design developments. Additionally, your staircase design needs to fit with the overall look and feel you’re striving for, based on the type of your home and personal preferences. If you’re just beginning your renovation project, you might not know what kind of staircase you want to use and need some interior design ideas. What is hence currently popular for this summer? What kind of staircases are customers requesting? To get you started on your renovation adventure, we thought we’d put together our top three stair design ideas that you will love this summer.

Welcome the Hamptons Style

We adore the Hamptons vibe. It’s wonderful and new and embodies casual coastal sophistication. The Hamptons home is traditional in design but airy, roomy, and focused on an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Consider wide verandas, French doors, and imposing windows to make a place feel bigger and let in as much natural light as possible.

With a Hamptons-styled home, you should pay tribute to classic characteristics while designing staircases. Think of closed-rise, traditional-style stairs when considering the structure. What about substances? In a house designed in the Hamptons, timber works best. Consider a set of wooden stairs and balustrades. To personalise your staircase, you can add square-style posts, handrails, and post tops. White is the colour that never fails to please. Whether you choose entirely white or combine it with lighter-coloured wood, it brightens up a house and blends in beautifully with the airy Hamptons decor.

Add a Touch of French Provincial Style

We adore French Provincial design. It is sleek, sophisticated, and always in style. The French Provincial style works particularly well if you live in the countryside or if your house is built more traditionally. And when it comes to this interior design trend, consider subtle rustic accents and neutral colour schemes. The French style frequently embraces organic elements like carved wood, linen, and wool.

How about your staircase, then? You can surely embrace elegance if you’re going to French Provincial. Imagine a curved or sweeping staircase with rich, dark wood treads. Or, if you want to amp up the plushness, why not think of carpeted treads? Your balustrades frequently have exquisite wrought iron designs with dark wood or iron handrails.

Go Edgy and Embrace the Industrial Style

Take a risk and adopt an industrial home design. Think about open warehouse spaces, light-filled New York loft-style residences, and sturdy building elements like steel, concrete, and exposed brick when looking for design inspiration.

Your choice of staircase should mirror the boldness of this interior design; ideally, you should use a modern staircase. We advise choosing an open-rise stair. Since there is no rise between the treads on this staircase, you can see straight through them, allowing more light to enter and giving the impression that they are floating. Try using contemporary materials for your balustrades, handrails, and other parts, such as steel and glass.

Whatever style caught your attention, our experts at Planet Stairs can help you turn it into a reality. When planning to instal a customised staircase, ensure that you are aware of the importance of safety when designing customised staircases to avoid any problems in the future.

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